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Bulimia Recovery Stories: Believe It Is Possible

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about women who are reading my blog and my articles around the web and wondering what life is like for them.  Bulimia finally seems like a far, distant thing for me.  Something that once consumed my every thought for 20 years has finally become a whisper.

Where I am today is in hope.  Hope for myself as I continue on my bulimia recovery journey.  Hope for women with bulimia that they can overcome their eating disorder once and for all and someday (soon) be where I am now.  Just a few years ago I was in the throws of it and now I am not.

I’m reading more books on bulimia and blogs of women who have recovered every day.  I was wondering the other day what the balance is between bulimics and recovered bulimics.  Is it possible there are more recovered bulimics alive today than those that are suffering?  I believe there are.  I think the number who found recovery far outweighs those who still live with ED.

It gives me hope every time I think of that because I know it’s just a matter of time for those with ED to eventually find their way to recovery.  I was talking to my Mom the other day about this and she said something like “yeah, you won’t find too many women in their 40’s with bulimia.  By that age you’ve pretty much figured out who you are and how powerful you are.”  I think that’s probably true.

Bulimia can certainly feel like this dark, ugly cloud that hangs around in your life for months or years, but eventually we find out way out.  I’m hopeful for women who are living with ED that whatever it is they need today or in the future that will be that thing, that bridge to help them see their own magnificence, their worth, their beauty that they find it.  It’s different for everyone and only life experience can teach and help you find it.

Today I sit in hope.  I am calm in knowing that women everywhere are finding their light.  More and more are letting go of their binds and strengthening the belief in themselves.  It’s a choice and I know more are choosing life and love over hate and darkness.  Life is good and I love knowing there is recovery happening every day.

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  1. I think its wonderful you recovered from bulimia, it’s inspiring for someone like myself who has struggled with bulimia for 19 years. Every day is different I feel happy ,sad, depressed and scared all in one day , I’m over bulimia, I hate that it consumed my life heavily for so many years and the thoughts of all the possible damaged it’s done to me physically , emotionally, and mentally it’s killing me! Right now I’m recovered for a year and a half with a few relapses! I am proud that I am on my way! I’ve developed the worst GERD ever , Bulimia has made my digestive system very sensitive I feel everything now, I guess in a way having bulimia I never really listened to my body,
    it’s like I was in a haze for so long never facing with the damaged that Ive done until now it’s painful because I think of all the binging and purging that I’ve done for most of my life since I was 16 now Im 36 I fear that what if I developed a sickness that’s going to kill me I have to small kids and i think of death every day, i can’t eat regular food anymore I have the worst feeling in my chest,
    it’s so challenging I find that if I stick with a diet of mostly fruits and vegetation that I feel less acid reflux and have a lot of energy and I fell like I’m going to be ok but if I sway from it, I physically feel
    not right,

    1. Hi Fatima,

      I’m happy to hear you’re on your recovery road…bumps along the way are to be expected. The first thing I thought of when I read your message about the bodily conditions you’re now experiencing was the work of Louise Hay. Do you know her?

      Here is a list of the symptoms she put together and the underlying emotional conditions related to those symptoms. I wonder if there’s anything in here that rings true for you?

      I wish you all the best of success as you learn more about your self, reconnect with your body and thrive and enjoy each day for what it is.

      In peace,


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