Occupy Your Mind – Let Your Power Out

The shift is happening.  The great awakening is happening.

Can you feel it?

People marching in the streets all over the world.  People are speaking out.  They are reminded of their power.

I attended an Occupy rally and march in my hometown today.  I live in a really small town in California and yet I could feel the power of the movement.  The people who were a part of the march, the people along the streets as we marched, the people who drove by and honked.

They were all aware of what we were up to.  We were up to expanding consciousness.

I’m so grateful to be conscious of my own consciousness at this time in the world.  I believe all of life is awakening to itself.  To the power that lives within each of us.  The power we all have to create a reality of our own.

Why am I posting about this on my blog? Because I believe all of recovery from bulimia and eating disorders is really about becoming conscious.  Becoming aware of what we’re doing to ourselves, our friends, our life and making a choice to live how WE want to.  Instead of allowing the addiction to run us (1%), we allow our consciousness (99%) be our guide.

I have to admit I don’t believe the Occupy movement is correct in being explained by 99%/1%.  That distinction actually creates separateness, powerlessness and blame.  Instead, I think we’re all 100% responsible for our life, our reality and the outcomes we experience.

It’s not my addiction’s fault that I’m not happy.  That I don’t have any friends.  That no one loves me.  It’s my lack of consciousness and connection to my inner self, spirit, God or the universe that keeps me feelings separate.  Keeps my addiction alive.

As a recovered addict, I don’t believe there’s a 1%/99% situation. I believe there’s a wholeness about the world.  It’s my fault if I let something happen to me.  I actually created it in vibration and brought it about because of my focus and attention to it.

I am a recovered bulimic.  I have the power to create my own reality. I am not the 99%.  I am the 100%.  I chose recovery.  I choose happiness.

Your Mission Statement – Let it Guide Your Way

“Let your heart guide you…but listen closely because it whispers” – Quote from The Land Before Time

Following your heart and letting your heart guide your way sounds like an idealistic way to live.  If that’s true, why don’t we do it? How often do we actually take the time to listen – let alone trust – what we hear from our heart?

I was reminded today how important our personal mission is to our daily life.  I shared with my friend a personal mission statement I came up with 6 years ago – shortly after I started my bulimia recovery journey.  I’d like to share it with you now…

To teach people by example and empower them to overcome obstacles and become their greatness through self love.

My friend reminded me how important it is to let my personal mission statement guide my life.  Not someday, but everyday.  I created my personal mission statement years ago and it’s front and center on my vision board/wall in my bedroom so I see it every day.  But, I have to admit it is sort of background noise after all those years of being in the same place.

What a great idea he suggested to have me look at my mission statement each morning, feel the feelings of having it lead my life and the way my life would begin to look when my mission was the life I was actually living.  Pure inspiration!

I have taught for many years the importance of a vision board, but I lost track of the importance of connecting each day with your vision, your dreams – your personal mission.

I’m taking on reading my mission statement each morning and embracing the feelings of it with a focused intention.  No longer will my mission be like background noise.  I’m putting it where it belongs – as the foundation of my day.  Every day.

The other idea my friend suggested is to reflect on my mission when I am faced with decisions.  I’m going to ask myself with every decision “what is the decision I can make that will take me in the direction of my mission?”

I’m committed to practicing this for the next 30 days so it becomes a part of my subconscious.  Do you have a personal mission statement yet?  If so, are you ready to make the same commitment and let your mission be the foundation of your life every day?

I challenge you to take it on.  Let’s see how great life can be if we both live our mission.  Can’t wait!

Law of Attraction & Abraham Hicks

Some of my favorite work on personal transformation comes from Abraham-Hicks with The Law of Attraction – or their latest work – The Vortex. I can’t say enough good things and could go on and on about how everyone who wants to expand their mind can get a lot from listening to their audio/videos.

I listen to their videos on YouTube whenever I’m out for a walk, getting ready in the morning or just need something to help me focus on the positive.  These are definitely not positive thinking messages, but their message is overall about being positive and connecting with your inner/higher source – your true essence.

Having bulimia can feel like a hell you never escape from.  I’m not sure where you are in your journey out of an eating disorder, but if you’re wanting some guidance on how to uncover the higher good within you or the reason things happen the way they do – please listen to Abraham-Hicks messages.

Tonight I was listening to a video from one of their live sessions about choosing the better feeling thought.  Abraham always reminds us to choose the better feeling thought when we’re feeling sad or out of alignment with our source.  I liked how he said we choose the fork in the road with every thought.  We either choose to go down the fork in the road towards negative and what we don’t want or toward the positive and what we ultimately want – happiness, or source.

Remembering that thoughts are vibrations and the universe responds to our vibrations I am reminded of one of my favorite mantras:

Everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me.

It’s a prayer I remember when something uncomfortable, unexpected (negative) or downright bad happens in my life.  I was at a large box store this weekend making a return and the customer service person told me I needed to have the original box the item came in (I forgot the item even came in a box when I first purchased it) because it didn’t have a barcode on it.  At first I thought she’d offer to have someone go all the way to the back of the store to get one of the products and bring it to the front of the store where we were because that sure seemed the customer service kind of thing to do.  Nope.  She looked at me and said,

“I need one of the products so I can scan the barcode.”

She did not a flinch or hesitate – just looked at me with that sort of “uh, can you move along lady?” gaze.

As I asked my husband to wait for me while I walked all the way back to the aisle where the product was sold it took all of my energy and might to remind myself that this was happening for a reason.  I couldn’t at the time see any positive in the whole situation, but alas…it was my reality.  It was happening.

Something Abraham said tonight that caught my attention now that I reflect back on my return to the box store is that our present reality is the result of our past thoughts.  I attracted that situation into my life because of how I had thought, felt and vibrated sometime before.  Maybe it was last week, maybe last month or years ago. Whatever it was, somewhere in my past I had a negative vibration and put this into my present reality.

Well, the best way Abraham says to keep this from happening in the future is to correct the thought at the time.  So, instead of cursing the checker for making me walk to the back of the store and bring a product, I am now saying, “I created this negative situation in my reality because of a thought and vibration I had in my past.  I recognize it as my past vibration and I choose not to have it occur again in my future.  I want to have good things in my reality and when I am helped at a store, the service is exceptional.  The people are kind and gracious.  The feeling I am left with after an experience with a big box store (or any other store for that matter) clerk is one of happiness and ease.”

This really is the reality I prefer.  I own that my past reality and thinking created my today reality.  I also am grateful that my present day positive expectations and thoughts will create an ever-easier life for me in each day.

What about your life day that didn’t work can you own?  What can you take responsibility for and turn around so your tomorrow is filled with what you do want?

Try it on…you’ll be amazed how good it feels to release the past negative and to embrace and expect good things to come to you.

Volunteering – Just One of My Bulimia Tips

The main objective of my bulimia blog is to offer others help with their bulimia. Since I was in the grips of this eating disorder for 20 years, and have been in recovery since 2005, there are some valuable bulimia tips that I want to share with you.

Since it is my firm belief that belief in oneself and self love are essential for beating an eating disorder, you have to look for ways and means to feel better about yourself; feel more valuable to YOU.

Depression is often one of many bulimic symptoms. One of the things that can help in the process of overcoming bulimia, depression and reinforce your sense of self is doing volunteer work.

A number of women’s bulimia stories of success I’ve heard were about women who simply chose to feel better about themselves. One of my favorite ways of boosting my self esteem and filling my heart with love is by volunteering.  It’s an effective bulimia tip if you’re feeling down and out about life.  You’ll be amazed how great an afternoon of helping out at a food bank or an animal shelter can boost your joy factor.

Volunteering can help you feel better in a couple of ways:

  • Helping others puts your suffering and misfortune in perspective. You know that old story about the man who complained about not having a pair of shoes until he met a man who had no feet.  Seeing others less fortunate than us and seeing their pain and suffering can go a long way to put our own problems in perspective. Not only that, but it can also take your mind off your own problems for a while and so may help with bulimia in multiple ways.
  • The joy of giving and of altruism. Giving to others doesn’t have to cost you financially.  It can be something as simple as giving your time that can make a difference to someone else’. There is a simple joy – a satisfaction – that comes out of giving in a way that makes a difference to someone else.  There is also joy that comes from having done something without expectation of any reward, because the altruistic action is a reward in itself.   Giving just to feel good about giving.

And this is what makes volunteering one of my favorite bulimia tips.  It makes the person you have helped feel better and consequently makes you feel better about yourself.  Like the circle of life you help others and get help with bulimia. And the fact that you have somehow added to the sum of happiness in the world well that’s just a bonus!

Nourish Yourself to Break the Cycle of Binging and Purging

Today I want to speak about something that many of us overlook – it is the importance of looking after ourselves. Nourishing and nurturing ourselves may indirectly lead to breaking the cycle of binging and purging.  Avoiding or forgetting to can hinder effective treatments of bulimia.

Importance of putting yourself first

If you have ever paid attention to the safety messages when you’re flying, you have heard some great advice. They tell you that if there is a problem and the air pressure in the cabin drops parents should put on their own oxygen mask before attempting to help their kids.

The message is simple – you cannot help others if you aren’t in good shape yourself. This is something that has emerged from countless bulimia stories that I have encountered over the years.

Running on empty

Many women who come to me for help are literally running on empty. Part of the problem is the societal expectation from women who are required to give and then give some more of themselves. It is a kind of conditioning that tells women to put others before themselves.

The other part of the problem is we put ourselves on the bottom of our to-do list.  After all we are judged on how well looked after our kids are, how well kept our home is and so on.

The result is that we become physically run down and depleted mentally, physically and spiritually.  We have low energy levels from not looking after ourselves. Then on top of that we become resentful because we are being taken from constantly.

The inner conflict

Part of the inner conflict that can give rise to binging and purging behavior is the build up of resentment and guilt. We know that we need time for ourselves and know the importance of nourishing our soul. When we are unable to do this, there is resentment; but at the same time there is guilt about feeling this way. There is no need for that guilt.  Until you are healthy, fulfilled, and happy, you are not equipped with the tools to ensure that your loved ones are healthy, fulfilled and happy.

To break the cycle of binging and purging and to make sure that treatments for bulimia have the best chance for success, fill your inner well first.  An empty well is no good to you or others.  Fill your well to overflowing and then you can be a place where others come to for a drink.

The Process of Manifestation in a Binge Eating Disorder

Bulimics can easily recognize their binge eating disorder by the way that it is characterized – rapid eating, out of control eating, followed by acute regret, guilt, even self loathing, and the subsequent purging.  The often vicious purging. This is the cycle of self-destructive behavior that typifies the binge eating problem that is to be confronted if you ever want to live a normal life again.

Recovery has to be a process, a cycle of manifestation that needs to be undergone, if you want to overcome bulimia. It isn’t just learning how to stop binge eating. I’m talking about a process that can lead to the ultimate goal of recovery, or healing, and something approaching normalcy and happiness.

As a person who has beaten a binge eating disorder after 20 years of suffering I can tell you that my path to recovery consisted of a process of manifestation that was made possible when I realized my life was made up of these four steps:

My Thoughts – Approaching the binge eating problem logically by paying attention to my thoughts. What am I feeling that is causing me to lose control? What are the triggers that are causing me to behave in this self-destructive manner? Who or what circumstances are behind this apparent lack of self-control? I had to change my self-destructive thoughts first.

My Feelings – The second step of the process of manifestation I examined were my feelings.  What are my feelings towards stress? What does that food represent? What are the feelings that invariably give rise to a binge? By binging am I avoiding feeling something? Confronting feelings and recognizing them for what they are can be scary.  It means looking within and sometimes feeling things that I may not want to deal with. But I eventually learned that all feelings pass.  Feeling the feelings when I have them and moving them through me was important.

My Actions – Examining my thoughts and confronting my feelings takes me to the next step, which leads to a change in my actions. As I change the way that I feel about the things that happen to me (and myself) I am better able to change and manage my actions.  This really is where the rubber meets the road if your goal is overcoming bulimia.  Nothing happens to change your reality until you take action (or don’t take an action).

My results – Changing my thoughts, feelings, and then my actions were the necessary sequence of events that brought me out of my binge eating disorder and finally my recovery results. The results I manifested included greater self love and consequently the ability to better love others around me. I manifested a happier me!

Help with Bulimia – Consider Your Environments

New beginnings in bulimia recoveryGetting help with bulimia is a personal journey to recovery. Some women choose pharmacological solutions to stop cravings. Some bulimics find counseling and psychotherapy to help them become symptom free. I tried joining bulimia support groups and found them to be very therapeutic. Overall, a long-term treatment plan that uses a combination of treatments can help in overcoming bulimia.

There is one factor that needs to be addressed whatever route you choose: your environment.

Are you getting the requisite bulimia support you need for recovery from your surroundings? People and things around you can be triggering and may knowingly or unknowingly sabotage your recovery.

So consider making alterations in your environment and create the kind of atmosphere that best supports your recovery.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Let people know about what you’re going through and how you are trying to overcome it. I encourage starting with those who you know love and support you. Though talking about it may be something that makes you uncomfortable, you may actually be surprised at the kind of help with bulimia and the support you may be able get from others.
  • If there are people around you that cause you to feel bad about yourself or act as triggers for harmful behavior, then remove them from your life. If you can’t completely remove them from your life don’t spend as much time with them and try not to let them influence your thoughts and behavior. Instead try and spend more time with people who are positive and able to assist in your recovery.
  • Are there other triggers that prompt you to binge? If so identify them and eliminate them from your life. If it is summer (read swimsuit season), or certain projects at school or work, or the holidays that seem to trigger behavior, develop a reaction plan for contending with these triggers so that you don’t respond in the usual destructive way.
  • Your personal space – your car, your bedroom, your home, your office. What can you do to create positive reminders about your recovery process? Posting notes to yourself, encouraging quotes or poems or just peaceful pictures of places you love will fill you with good feelings whenever you look at them.
  • Schedule your day in way that is supportive of your recovery. Take up activities that are rewarding like a sport, a new hobby or learning a new skill (think of the fun you may have at a dance class), make time for therapy or any other components of your treatment. Remember “Me” time is also important to being good to YOU.

In short, think about how you can mold your life and your environment to get the best bulimia support that you can possibly get.

You’re worth it.