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Social Media for Bulimia & Anorexia Recovery

I was at this internet conference in San Francisco last weekend  to learn more about social media for bulimia and anorexia recovery.

Ok, the conference wasn’t specifically focused on that – in fact I think I may have been the only person there who has a blog on bulimia recovery.

Nonetheless, I started asking myself how I could use social media to help reach more people.  To help more people overcome bulimia or anorexia.

I’ve thought for a long time that when we have an eating disorder we’re so isolated and ashamed that we’d never go online and like a page that is clearly about eating disorders. Maybe I’m wrong and I’d like to know what you think.  I haven’t set up Facebook or Twitter for my blog or website yet because I figured no one would follow it and engage.  That second part is important I think…it’s one thing to follow, but without engagement I might as well call it a blog.  My blog is a place I can spill my thoughts and best insights all over the place for people to enjoy any time.

I was out looking at other people who sort of do what I do like and they have a Facebook page.  I follow Michelle May and her Am I Hungry? posts on Facebook (she has them on Twitter, too). I’m a big fan of Remuda Ranch’s Facebook posts – always so uplifting.  Nina has a boat load of YouTube videos for Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery on YouTube – I haven’t seen them all, but she’s constantly giving back to people who want to recover.  And boy it sure looks like my friends at Eating Disorder Hope have a huge following on Facebook (8,000+ likes).

Soooo…maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture.

That’s where you come into the picture my dear.  If I were active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Pinterest would you talk to me?  I don’t receive many comments on my blog as it is and I suspected it was because you’re afraid to tell people what’s going on in your life.  Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

How to Stop a Binge BookHow to Stop a Binge Book
Would you engage with me and others on Facebook as an online bulimia support group?

Would you follow me if I tweeted? Would you re-tweet my tweets?

Would you like me to post inspirational sayings I find on Pinterest?

Would you watch videos from me if I posted them on YouTube?

I can’t help you if I don’t know how you want me to engage and connect with you.  Please either send me a personal email (I read every one!) or comment below so I can hear from you.

I appreciate your comments!

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