An Insight into Eating Disorders in Men

A post from my friend and writer/blogger Laura Chapman. Like most people I had always associated eating disorders with women, but that was until two of my male friends disclosed to me that they were struggling with their relationship with food. Thankfully... read more Read More

Eating Disorder TV Show – Casting Call

There is a new TV show in the works called “Breaking the Cycle” from Cineflix Productions. I received a memo this week from one of the casting directors looking for parents or people with eating disorders who would like to participate. Here&... read more Read More

Today is Bulimia Awareness Day

Recovery is Possible – Help Spread the Word! Welcome!  Today is Bulimia Awareness Day on my bulimia recovery blog and around the web. I’m celebrating this day in collaboration with a community of self-love and women’s empowerment bloggers.  We want ... read more Read More

How to Help a Friend With Bulimia

Welcome beautiful, loving YOU. Do you know that’s who you are? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t care for your friend and deep inside want them to be healthy and happy.  You are a wonderful human being that has the capacity to help other people ... read more Read More

How Do I Help a Friend With an Eating Disorder?

When a friend has an eating disorder, because you care about them naturally you want to help.  As someone who had bulimia for 20 years, I can think of very few friends who I let know I had an eating disorder before I was fully recovered.  It was definitel... read more Read More

Release Complaints, Get Pumped Up! and Honoring

I have so much to share about today I’m not even sure where to start.  First, let me say a big thanks to all my readers, my friends, my husband, my community who are such a big part of who I am.  I feel the love every day and love my life thanks to ... read more Read More

How Spiritual Practice Can Help with Bulimia

Bulimia can be a sign of a disordered spiritual connection with your own self. It is a disconnection that I experienced and when I got help with bulimia I learned my inability to find peace within myself caused a lot of my eating problems. When I finally ... read more Read More