How Can I Be Happy? Ask Better Questions!

I want to use a personal example to demonstrate the power of asking questions to help you on your path to answering “how can I be happy?“ I had this awesome ah-ha moment this morning that inspired this post. I hope you get something out of thi... read more Read More

Extreme Self Care Tip: Enjoy a Day of Decadence

One of the first things I often prescribe new coaching clients is to begin a practice of extreme self care.  Self care has become such a secondary thing in our lives with kids, chores, work, school, relationship, community, and on and on.  We often put ou... read more Read More

If It Feels Light It’s Right!

These words of wisdom came to me today courtesy of my Tough Mudder Training buddy Amanda Leath while we were out on a training run.  If it feels light it’s right. If it feels heavy it’s a lie. This came up when I asked Amanda how she decided w... read more Read More

My Daily Practices for Being Happy

Today I want to share some advice about how I practice being happy that I gave to a client this past week. I often write so much about bulimia recovery because it’s where I came from and what I’m known for helping people with, but I’m al... read more Read More

3 Must Have’s For a Happy Life

I recorded a podcast with Alen Standish of last week and it was so much fun. Click here to listen from Alen’s website to our 1 hour call on Creating Happiness! As I was preparing for the interview, I got so fired up about t... read more Read More

Tips for Creating New Meanings & More Happiness

Ever see yourself in the pit of despair or really upset about something and ask “How the hell did I get here?” or “why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?!” Boy, I sure have. But now I know questions like that only give my subconscious... read more Read More

6 Tips for Being Happy & Thriving in Life!

If you’re looking for tips for being happier and thriving in life…you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re feeling crappy and depressed, I might just piss you off.  So, read this post at the risk of being happier (or more pissed ... read more Read More