Extreme Self Care Tip: Enjoy a Day of Decadence

One of the first things I often prescribe new coaching clients is to begin a practice of extreme self care.  Self care has become such a secondary thing in our lives with kids, chores, work, school, relationship, community, and on and on.  We often put ou... read more Read More

If It Feels Light It’s Right!

These words of wisdom came to me today courtesy of my Tough Mudder Training buddy Amanda Leath while we were out on a training run.  If it feels light it’s right. If it feels heavy it’s a lie. This came up when I asked Amanda how she decided w... read more Read More

When Exercise Becomes Addictive (Hypergymnasia)

Guest post by Leslie Vandever There are so many good reasons to exercise. Exercise builds and maintains strong muscles and bones. Exercise burns calories that might otherwise be unused and stored as fat, and it helps to maintain a healthy weight for the s... read more Read More

Today’s Theme: Drive Slower

As part of my 10 day ZenHabits challenge the theme for today is: Drive Slower Well, since I generally only drive twice a day (not including weekends) I knew out the gate this one wasn’t going to require as much concentration, or let’s say effo... read more Read More

Today’s Theme: Eat Slower

Today’s theme as part of my 10 day ZenHabits challenge is: Eat Slower This has been a wonderful new level of self-awareness. Yeah, I already knew I ate quickly, but how automatic my pattern of eating quickly was is something I wasn’t quite awa... read more Read More

Bulimia Recovery Tip: Extreme Self Care

I’d like to share a bulimia recovery tip, but I think this advice applies to all women – whether you have bulimia, anorexia or no eating disorder at all. This is what I refer to as my “prescription for extreme self care” and is des... read more Read More

Bulimia Help Tip: Nourishing Your Body

This is a guest post by friend and holistic recovery & health coach, Pauline Hanuise. When I started to recover from my 15 years of struggle with bulimia, learning about nutrition and how my body worked played a crucial role. I started to do lots of r... read more Read More

Empowerment Thinking: Choose Your Thoughts

What if I told you you were a meaning making machine? You go around through your day making meaning of all of the things you see and that come into your life. In every situation your mind is giving meaning to the things that are happening in your life. Go... read more Read More