I Relapsed. Now I Feel Like a Failure.

In the last week I’m not sure what’s happening (Mercury retrograde or whatever) but a number of women shared with me that they’re either at the end of their rope with their eating disorder or have relapsed – some after several week... read more Read More

I’m Messy Today

I have a very close girlfriend who first introduced me to the phrase “I’m Messy Today”. Once as week I jump on a call with my closest friends (Maoi sisters) and we coach one another in all areas of our life (money, relationships, growth,... read more Read More

Bulimia FAQ’s (aka Polly’s Ranting)

This post is about a reply I emailed to one of my newsletter subscribers when she asked some of the more common bulimia recovery FAQ’s I receive (or see online in forums).  I am basically cutting and pasting the email I sent to her. It sounds like I... read more Read More

Live and Learn

I was struck today by a new idea about my bulimia recovery journey.  What I realize and want to share is the notion that recovery is a live and learn process.  (Like all of life…really.) When we’re young children we learn what we like and don&... read more Read More