Good Feeling Videos – Enjoy and Share!

I’m tickled to share a few new favorite good feeling videos with you.  If these don’t help increase your vibration, raise your spirits or send you over the moon with love…then listen to them a few times until they do. :-) I hope you̵... read more Read More

The Power of Beliefs (Tony Robbins Video)

As a huge fan of the work and guidance from Tony Robbins, I’d like to share a link to a video I watched recently that is short (8.5 minutes) yet packed with powerful insights. Really great stuff and worth listening to a few times! Just a few highli... read more Read More

My Eating Disorder Recovery Pinterest Board

If you’re a Pinterest lover like me, be sure to check out my Pinterest board of eating disorder recovery quotes and inspirations.  I was just reading my own pins and I’m inspired by how much love and hope and light there is in words and images... read more Read More