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How to Help a Friend With Bulimia

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How to Help a Friend With Bulimia

Signs & Symptoms, Causes of Bulimia and How To Talk About Bulimia

This informative guide was designed with you in mind. It’s written by a former bulimic to help you understand bulimia so you can take steps to show your love and support.
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You definitely will want to download this guide
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- Do you suspect your friend may have an eating disorder (bulimia)?
- Do you want to talk to her but are confused about what to say?
- Do you feel helpless because you don't know what causes bulimia?
- Do you feel sorry for her and what she must be going through?
- Does it make you sad to think of what she's doing to herself?
- Are you concerned for her health and happiness?

Polly Mertens

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What you’ll learn when you download my guide:

- What is bulimia nervosa
- The causes of bulimia
- The signs and symptoms of bulimia
- The impacts of bulimia
- The bulimic binge and purge cycle and why she does this to herself
- The do’s and don’ts of helping a loved one with bulimia
- How to talk to someone about their bulimia

I had bulimia for 20 years and I am now a bulimia recovery mentor helping women overcome their eating disorder. In my experience recovery is a lot easier and faster when someone gets the love and support of their friends and family along the way.

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When you download this guide you'll also receive additional resources and ideas from me about bulimia to continue to understand this eating disorder. My goal is to empower you so you can help your friend get the help she needs to feel better and beat bulimia.