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Online Bulimia Recovery Community & Program – Plus My Personal Coaching

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recovered from bulimia after 20 Years>

Online Bulimia Recovery Program & Personal CoachingThere are several online bulimia recovery programs I’ve found and reviewed over the years, but for me none compares to Shaye Boddington’s Bulimia Recovery Program (BRP).

Shaye had bulimia for many years and after she recovered she created the Bulimia Recovery Program to give back to the eating disorder recovery community something that didn’t exist before.

Shaye’s recovery program uses an approach that’s grounded in the same techniques and teachings as the work I do with my coaching clients.  Her program and private online forum is comprehensive, supportive and completely confidential – that’s why it’s the program I recommend.

The Bulimia Recovery Program: Overview

The Bulimia Recovery Program is jam packed with resources such as workbooks, videos and support emails from Shaye herself.  Additionally, when you become a member of the secure forum you have instant access to a network of hundreds of women who are in recovery, too. Recovery takes longer if you go it alone.  With Shaye’s private community you have support along the way.

The Bulimia Recovery Program: What’s Included

The Bulimia Recovery Guide (PDF)

This workbook is like a step-by-step process for how to beat bulimia. It covers the three techniques (structured eating, self-kindness and brain retraining) that are most important to learn if you want to overcome bulimia and teaches you how to really use them in your recovery.

The Supportive Recovery Community

A private, password protected online bulimia recovery support community of hundreds of women who are working the program along with you.  Women from around the world contribute to the forum and are there to share their experiences, encourage you, answer your questions and listen when you need to connect.

The Meal Plan E-book (PDF)

A custom meal plan designed by a nutritionist specifically for women in bulimia recovery.  It’s packed with recipes and ideas to help you re-balance your eating and deal with issues like bloating and cravings.

6 Month Self Kindness E-Course

You will receive twice weekly inspirational and informative articles plus recovery videos designed to boost your motivation as you begin to learn self-kindness.  These messages of empowerment are delivered [confidentially] to your inbox where you can access them when you need them.

Online Recovery Tools

Get into the habit of normal eating, distract yourself from binge urges and discover your triggers with the best online tools available. 

It changed my life. After ten long years of being bulimic I am now bulimia free for six months. All because of this bulimia recovery program. – Dori

With the Bulimia Recovery Program you are fully protected by a 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t feel like the recovery program is helping you, just contact Shaye within 60 days and she sends you a prompt refund. No hassles.

Personal Recovery Coaching: Introduction

Polly Mertens - Lifestyle Success CoachAs part of my commitment to helping women who want one-on-one support on their recovery journey I offer personal bulimia recovery coaching.  My recovery coaching is a powerful supplement to the Bulimia Recovery Program.

When you combine the Bulimia Recovery Program with personal coaching you are guaranteed to get results faster.  You get the best tools and techniques for recovery; you get access to the private recovery community where you have the support of other members and you get personalized coaching that’s tailored just for your needs. You will also enjoy a reduced coaching rate when you order both the coaching and Shay’e program as my way of rewarding you for showing your sincere commitment to your recovery.

Recovery Coaching & How it Works

Once you sign up, we will work quickly to identify what’s stopped you in the past from achieving lasting recovery so you can break through your recovery barriers.  Sometimes one simple shift can make a huge difference – what I call your “ah-ha moment”.

During one-on-one Skype calls we will work on the areas that need focus and help you realize your personal recovery breakthroughs.  In between sessions you will have homework and will receive additional tools and resources that will embed the work we do during our sessions at a deeper level.

Let’s Get Started!

Recovery coaching can have lasting results when you’re 100% committed to your recovery.  When you have an “I can do this” attitude and want results faster than working on your own, coaching is the way to get there.  Working together we can speed up your recovery process and get you to where you want to go faster!

Email me now and we’ll set up a free 30 minute coaching session.

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