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Inspirational & Motivational Videos

Videos Are a Wonderful Way to Focus the Mind and Get New Inspiration


YouTube Logo - GetBusyThriving ChannelBe sure to check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch the latest videos I post.

You can also see the videos I’ve loved and added to my personal playlist at GetBusyThriving Playlist.

I’m a huge fan of inspirational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robin Sharma, Eric Thomas and many more. These videos have inspired me during my recovery and beyond. I hope they help you, too.

Abraham-Hicks Videos

Addictions and Momentum

Low Self Esteem and Separation From Well Being

Self Appreciation Part 1 & 2

I Love My Body (Mix)

You Don’t Need to Build Confidence, Just Stop Suppressing It

Be Happy – Use Inner Guidance

Being Free of Other’s Opinions

The Easiest Way to Start Positive Momentum

How to Relax About Money


In Order to Be Happy, You Gotta Be Happy

Ignore Your Body Issues

It’s All About Love

Make Your Peace With Now

Bless Your Food

Living Life in Appreciation

Talk Yourself Into Alignment

You Don’t Have to Go Back and Undo Anything

Motivational Videos I Love




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  1. Thanks so much. These videos mean a lot to me. It really does help to write about this stuff here and it’s really the one place (I guess aside from therapy sometimes) where I feel like I can express how it feels to be inside my head. For non-e/d people, this stuff makes no sense, and it’s really lonely living like this). Even though I know my husband tries to understand and is supportive to the best of his ability, he will never get it-get it, you know? So it’s really helpful for me to have this outlet. Anyway. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hey Ardi,

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my website. I’ve been wanting to expand my videos section for a long time. Hearing from you has re-inspired me. Thank you for that and I hope you’ll keep in touch.



  2. Yes! Awesome selection. Thank you for brightening and lightening my day. Listened to a whole load whilst doing stuff 🙂 Huge Love to you xxx

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