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The Breakthrough To Binge Free Program

Be Free From Bulimia Forever
In a Totally Private
Easy-to-Follow Program
Without Gaining Weight
Even If You’ve Tried Everything!

My powerful signature program, Breakthrough to Binge Free, walks you through the role your mindset, your emotional states, fears and limiting beliefs play in our daily lives and teaches you how you can finally free yourself from unhealthy binging and purging…forever.

Learn what triggers you to binge and how to stop the cycle of insanity, shame and relapse.  By learning the 3 Keys to Lasting Change included in the program, and much more, you will establish the missing mental, emotional and physical strategies to create a breakthrough that leads to permanent recovery – without gaining weight and while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Breakthrough to Binge Free Program

What You Will Get in the Breakthrough to Binge Free Program:

Module 1: Prepare Your Self for Success

  • How your old mindset has sabotaged you
  • How recovery can happen in a moment
  • What and how to eat during the program (+self-care)

Module 2: Embracing Your Feelings

  • Why you’ve felt powerless against binge urges
  • How to beat overwhelm, stress and anxiety
  • How to prevent stress AND binge urges

Module 3: Fears and Limiting Beliefs

  • The unconscious fears that have kept you stuck
  • Process to break out of the binge purge cycle
  • The secret reason nothing else has worked

Module 4: New Beliefs

  • Where beliefs come from and 4 steps to create new beliefs
  • How to program yourself to be a normal eater
  • The 3 new beliefs you must have for a breakthrough

Module 5: Visioning

  • The Formula for Happiness
  • Creating a compelling vision (binge free!)
  • THE most powerful process to NEVER binge again.

Module 6: Commitment

  • How to get yourself to act, even when you don’t feel like it
  • What’s missing from your previous attempts at recovery
  • Getting past the Pit of Despair

Module 7: MENTAL Strategies

  • 16 proven strategies for working with your monkey mind

Module 8: EMOTIONAL Strategies

  • 11 of the best strategies for emotional well being

Module 9: PHYSICAL Strategies

  • 16 success strategies to manage physical symptoms

Module 10: Self Sabotage

  • The universal forces driving your unconscious behaviors
  • Best methods to avoid self sabotage
  • Secret techniques for releasing subconscious beliefs

Module 11: Shame and Isolation

  • Breaking out of the isolation trap
  • Strategies for handling unstructured time, loneliness
  • The hidden antidote for shame

Module 12: Rituals

  • Why you’re gonna want new daily rituals
  • Creating weekly stretch goals and accountability
  • How to set yourself free for life

Two Options to Join The Breakthrough to Binge Free Program:

Group Program
  • 12 Modules Breakthrough to Binge Free Program
  • 12 (50 min) Group Sessions (3x’s/month)
  • Access to my Secret Facebook Group
  • Bonus: Self-Worth and Inner Confidence Course


  • $600 One Payment or
  • 4 Payments of $175/mo
Private Program
    • 12 Modules Breakthrough to Binge Free Program
    • 12 (50 Min) 1-on-1 Private Coaching sessions over 9 months
    • Access to my Secret Facebook Group
    • Bonus: Self-Worth and Inner Confidence Course


$2,997 One Payment

Need help deciding which Breakthrough to Binge Free Program to choose?

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My Privacy Guarantee

Having been a bulimic myself, I understand your need for complete privacy… At one time, my worst nightmare was having family or friends discover my secret. This is why The Breakthrough to Binge Free program is completely private. Both before and during the program.

Here are just a few of the ways that I make sure your privacy is protected…

Access to the videos are password protected in a private membership site and is not accessible without a special link. Only members with logins and passwords they create are able to see any of the material.

BBF Members Area Login

Email subject lines don’t mention anything that would compromise your privacy. Just in case you’re in a public place, I make sure that no emails I ever send you contain anything that would cause you concern and will only reference “MyBreakthroughTribe”.

Your credit card or paypal receipt only shows payment to me and my company.

All transactions show up on your bank statement as a payment to GetBusyThriving for My Breakthrough Program.

Benefits of Being Binge Free – What You Can Look Forward To!

Imagine going about your day without obsessive thoughts of food swimming around in your head. Imagine having the peace of mind to focus on what really matters to you and connecting with the people around you…

Imagine saying yes, easily and quickly, to social invitations and dining with friends.

What would it be like not to worry about what you’ll eat when you go out, but instead to fully enjoy the experience?

How great would it be to feel comfortable and peaceful around food?

Imagine being truly happy around those you love — without feeling hesitation, distraction, or like you’re hiding something.

Think for a moment how great it would be, to feel relaxed in mind and body, knowing every day that you no longer fear overwhelming urges, and can instead calmly enjoy your life.

Imagine all of the minutes and hours you’d get back every day…wow!

What would you do with all that time?!

Don’t even get me started about how much money you’d suddenly have available.

What could you start doing that you haven’t been able to do for a very long time…or could never do?

What would you most enjoy doing, once food was no longer “your issue”?

I’m living proof that you can live the life you dream of…a binge free life.

After decades of an eating disorder, I’ve experienced the thrilling personal freedom to try new things, and do those things I wasn’t able to do before….

And no matter what I eat, my weight remains the same. I still have a fit, healthy and energetic body.

In fact I’m in better shape and my health is way better than it was when I was abusing it with bulimia.

It’s often said that our greatest obstacles are here teach us more about ourselves and help us grow into the people we’re meant to be. With nearly fifteen years of hindsight since I left my eating disorder behind, that’s definitely been true for me. Having bulimia for twenty years, and then overcoming it, was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

And now it is available and can happen to you.

Take action today!

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What You Can Expect

A Flexible Framework – Neither overly strict nor confining; the program provides a platform for personal change which can be tailored to your needs. It’s designed for you to take what you need, and skip what you don’t…

Valuable Exercises – The program includes specialized content, tools, techniques, and processes I’ve invested thousands of dollars to develop and have tested myself. Not only do you get them all in one place, you don’t have to pay anywhere near what I did.

Secret Facebook Group – My totally private online recovery group. And remember, my clients are mature adults. People just like you.

  • Support & Connection: Avoid feeling isolated and alone in your struggle to break free
  • Community: Meet up with people just like you, working the same program together
  • Acceptance & Understanding: Surround yourself with people who don’t judge you
  • Openness: Talk openly about your experiences and feelings
  • Inspiration: Gain a new perspective on your problems and how to work through them
  • Knowledge: Get tips from others who’ve experienced the same struggle
  • Coaching: Advice from members and contact with me to answer questions

Privacy and Confidentiality – This program offers complete privacy, ease of use, 24/7 availability, and instant access.

Experienced Leadership – This entire program was developed directly from my experiences as a coach and former bulimic. I’ve compiled and personally tested everything I’ve learned from fifteen years of study about eating disorders, addiction and habit change; this material comes from someone who’s had an eating disorder and “gets it”.

A Framework For Change That You Can Use Anywhere In Life – The intention of this program is lasting change and liberation from self-destructive behavior patterns, no matter what they are. So, if you’re struggling in other areas in life such as relationships, money, or career, you can apply what you learn and create lasting change there well.

Polly Mertens - Lifestyle Success Coach

Polly’s 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee: I have so much confidence in this breakthrough program that I’m offering a money-back 60 day guarantee. If you don’t love the program and see that, by using it, you will change your life forever, simply email me within 60 days and ask for a full refund. It’s that simple.  No hard feelings and I’ll happily send back your money.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Need help deciding which Breakthrough Program to choose?

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation Now:

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