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A Little Backstory

My struggle was real…
I am a normal eater today, but I wasn’t always this way.

This is the BEFORE me.

 I used to have low self-esteem, was self-conscious about my body and maintained my weight by binging and purging.  People thought I looked ok on the outside, but inside I felt empty, alone and I was binging every day – sometimes 10 times a day.

Like most bulimics, I used to slave my body into shape by working out a lot and avoiding “bad” foods. I was in decent shape, but definitely not healthy in mind body and spirt. It was only after I overcame my eating disorder, reclaimed who I was, fell in love with me and found a new approach to living did life turnaround back in 2005.

This is me TODAY

Through my recovery journey I did come to realize my #1 value was health and vitality – it wasn’t just about being skinny. After all, if I wanted to do great things in the world I realized I’d need a lot of energy.

But after living my whole life with a dysfunctional relationship to food I completely changed my mindset towards both food and exercise. I realized fitness could be fun and enjoyable.

Today, I have incredible confidence and a love for myself and appreciation for my body that grows stronger every day. I live life on my terms because I found my spiritual center, learned the secrets to self-love, and began to master my emotions instead of avoiding them with food. Now, I don’t say these things to impress you, I say them to impress upon you that if I can make changes like these after 20 years, you can too.

My clients include people who stopped binging after 10, 20 or more than 30 years. And most of the people I’ve worked with would say that they’d “tried everything”.

Since I became a recovery coach I’ve been contacted by lots of women, many of whom were in their 30’s, 40’s or even their 50’s, who were still struggling despite having loads of strategies, therapists and treatment centers.

And it didn’t just make me frustrated or sad…it made me mad.

Polly Mertens Lifestyle Coach

I knew there was a better way and I felt compelled to do something.  I made it my personal mission to spread a new approach to recovery that I believe can help end eating disorders forever. That’s why I created Breakthrough to Binge Free. My personalized approach to lasting recovery.

I looked at my own journey, and how I had broken free of bulimia. I gathered the research and read everything I could about addictions and habits, and even studied the most successful approaches to recovery in the areas of alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

I poured over dozens of books and websites which described countless strategies to overcome binge eating. But in the end, I was still struck by what they’d all left out.

I thought to myself “No wonder people are still struggling!

Insights Into Binge Eating

Your triggered primal hunger with deprivation (diets) while in your mind linking up that eating could make you feel better
The binging pattern stays in place out of fear (I don’t know how to stop, I’ll get fat, I don’t know how to cope with emotions)
Through greater self-love and compassion you can empower yourself and break free of those old addictive thoughts and behaviors
Your story, your limiting beliefs and mental conditioning are keeping your eating disorder in place

Many recovery programs, treatment centers and therapists may tell you that your body is creating the urges to binge from a place of primal hunger.  That may have been the case when you started…and may have been the cause for some time.

But I think for many of you reading this who are beyond the first couple of years into an eating disorder primal hunger is not what’s keeping the old behaviors in place now.

For some of you, if you’re very new in the bulimia cycle or if you’re still living life within a diet, restriction or weight loss strategy mindset, primal hunger is probably triggering the urges.  Yet, for those of you who’ve been doing this for 10, 20, 30 or more years and eat normally most of the time or frequently, but still binge/purge, then it’s not likely primal hunger is the trigger is it?  No.

While you may do something that causes you to go into primal hunger mode here or there – maybe you try to cut back to fit into that dress, you want to drop a few pounds for a special event or maybe you’re back on the dating scene and want to land a hot guy.  Ok, you’ll probably have signals from your brain that are linked to hunger.

And for those of you trying to stop the cycle who are restricting with things like intermittent fasting or dropping weight for figure competitions, you’re not going to have the willpower or mental fortitude to beat this until you give your body the essentials it needs for high brain functioning.  You’ve got to choose – which is more important to you?

I find most of the people I coach do not turn to or struggle with food because they’ve cut way back on calories and their brain is triggering them to run to the kitchen and eat or else it thinks they’ll starve.

Not at all.

I find it’s usually more like…

I put on my jeans this morning and they were tight so I felt fat and then all the negative self talk all day wore me down and I binged on the way home.

 I had a rough meeting with my ex-husband about our kids and it sent me into a tailspin, so I found myself in the bottom of a bag of cookies dumfounded how I even got there.

I come home from work and all day I’ve been good and something happens when I am home alone. I eat a little too much for dinner and then I tell myself I might as well have the whole thing and then the ice cream in the fridge and the cookies in the cupboard.

All of these are examples of well-meaning smart people.  They’ve just not learned a couple key areas about how to relate to and manage emotions, their thoughts and their state.  Not understanding all of these factors leaves them at the mercy when they’re faced with negative thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes it’s a lack of mindful self-awareness that has been a pattern for so long they forget any other way of living.  They go on auto pilot and then wake up after it’s all over feeling ashamed and at the mercy of what just happened.

Worse yet, they fear they don’t have control over any of what’s happening or feel helpless to stop because it feels so powerful over them.

I mean, why would a normal person do this to themselves over and over again?!

We’re smart.  We’re capable.  We’re successful.

In most people’s eyes, we look like we have our life together.  And we DO!

Except in this one area…

Until you learn a few things about the mind, your emotions, and how to stay connected to yourself and not check out when a binge thought happens, you’ll keep finding yourself in the insanity loop of binging and purging.

I Discovered 3 core truths working as a recovery coach

After years of being in the conversation of recovery, working with clients, reading recovery stories and interviewing women who recovered after 10, 20, and even 40 years I discovered there are 3 Core Truths About Recovery:

  1. No strategy for stopping binging will work when there is an underlying belief in conflict. With such conflicts intact, self-sabotage and endless relapses are inevitable.
  2. Just having more discipline or willpower is not enough.
  3. The most effective way to create a lasting breakthrough is to interrupt conditioned patterns, change the underlying story, and learn to live in an empowered state.

No matter how good it is no recovery strategy is going to work until you embrace these core truths. These core truths fundamentally took me from binging and purging for twenty years, to having lasting recovery, every day of my life, since May of 2005.

And guess what…

You can have this too. No matter what program or methods you’ve tried before.

Even if you’ve tried and had success, only to relapse after a month, six months, or six years. Even if you’ve struggled for ten, twenty, thirty, or more years…you can change in an instant…

In fact, when you start applying my 3 Keys to Lasting Change which incorporate these core truths, you will immediately feel a shift.

You can eat what you enjoy and not gain weight. If it sounds too good to be true, I’m living proof that it works.

So what are the 3 Keys to Lasting Change?


Click on the video below to learn the 3 Keys to Lasting Change

Essentials of The Program
What’s Included When You Sign Up

Access to a Private Membership Site With 10 Power Packed Video Modules

Over 20 Exercises, Processes, and Guided Visualizations

90 Days Membership in the Secret Facebook Group – FREE!

What You Can Expect

A Flexible Framework – Neither overly strict nor confining; the program provides a platform for personal change which can be tailored to your needs. It’s designed for you to take what you need, and skip what you don’t…

Valuable Exercises – The program includes specialized content, tools, techniques, and processes I’ve invested thousands of dollars to develop and have tested myself. Not only do you get them all in one place, you don’t have to pay anywhere near what I did.

Secret Facebook Group – My totally private online recovery group. And remember, my clients are mature adults. People just like you.

  • Support & Connection: Avoid feeling isolated and alone in your struggle to break free
  • Community: Meet up with people just like you, working the same program together
  • Acceptance & Understanding: Surround yourself with people who don’t judge you
  • Openness: Talk openly about your experiences and feelings
  • Inspiration: Gain a new perspective on your problems and how to work through them
  • Knowledge: Get tips from others who’ve experienced the same struggle
  • Coaching: Advice from members and contact with me to answer questions

Privacy and Confidentiality – This program offers complete privacy, ease of use, 24/7 availability, and instant access.

Experienced Leadership – This entire program was developed directly from my experiences as a coach and former bulimic. I’ve compiled and personally tested everything I’ve learned from fifteen years of study about eating disorders, addiction and habit change; this material comes from someone who’s had an eating disorder and “gets it”.

A Framework For Change That You Can Use Anywhere In Life – The intention of this program is lasting change and liberation from self-destructive behavior patterns, no matter what they are. So, if you’re struggling in other areas in life such as relationships, money, or career, you can apply what you learn and create lasting change there well.

By Design This Program is Not Just Another Strategy

While recovery doesn’t have to be difficult, it does require you address a few key areas in order to make a change. To highlight a few:

  • I believe lasting recovery requires replacing the old ‘addict’ identity with a new one – an empowered new self
  • Trusting and believing in yourself again – believing it’s completely possible for you to do this even in spite of past slips
  • Reframing the urge to binge as the urge to feel something or connect and to act differently when the urge presents itself
  • Replacing the flawed diet mentality you’ve picked up along your trail with an approach to self-care that includes rest, water, and nourishing your mind, body and spirit with well-balanced foods and movement

Each module contains powerful processes, along with the best of what I’ve learned about transforming addictive behaviors, limiting beliefs and creating a new self-image.

All at once, you’ll be getting everything I teach my private coaching clients, which sometimes takes them months to learn.  You get it all in one program, which you can work at your own pace…

Over the years, I’ve developed a simple framework for changing behavior that requires no rigid diets, meal plans or calorie counting….

No giving up carbs, flour, sugar, or other foods you enjoy…

No hours, or years, of therapy…

No agonizing moments suffering through urges…

No overwhelming cravings…

No gaining weight…and no superhuman feats of willpower.

None of that bullshit you’ve probably already tried at some other time, and like me, failed at.

Just ask yourself, if what you’ve already been doing was going to work, wouldn’t you be free by now…?

The Secret Facebook Group
How An Empowering Community
Helps During Recovery

My desire to help more people lead me to formulate a comprehensive model for lasting recovery that anyone could use. A model which would address almost everything a person needed to change their life.


Because then I discovered something else…

My own experience, as well as the research I found, suggested that an empowering support network was just as important as having the right information.

So, I began working with groups, and confirmed my theory that clients could recover even more successfully by working together, than they could on their own.

Here are some of the comments from women just like you who’ve experienced the support that comes from a private, committed group like this:

“Thanks for sharing this space Polly and for everyone in the group for participating and sticking through all these months. It helps to have people that I can relate to and share successes and challenges with.”

“I watched module 1 yesterday. SO much good stuff in there Polly. I FEEL you. What a beautiful beginning. I am so excited to go through this with you all!”

“Thank you to this amazing group for really being an outlet for me on this journey!”

“I had a thought this morning that [journaling] was so simple it was astonishing to me. Back in January during Polly’s breakthrough coaching call she mentioned how recovery becomes easy after you make the choice to recover. I was so skeptical, but have to say, I found most days easy after I decided to never b/p again.”

I hope you’re getting a sense of how valuable the content in my program is. Even more importantly, I hope you’re getting a sense of how powerful it is to be part of a supportive, empowering community of people just like you.

Going it alone might work for a few, but why go it alone when you don’t have to?

Whether or not you’ve previously tried to find supportive groups and connect with others in recovery, you’ll discover that this group is unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Nowhere online will you find a Facebook group filled with people like you, guided by a recovery coach who not only had bulimia for 20 years and broke free, but has been exclusively coaching people in eating disorder recovery for over 5 years.

Ready to join us!?!

Think About These Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Now let me ask you…what would it be worth to have a new life without binging or worrying about food?  

Take a moment and really think about it….what would that be worth to you…?  

Would you expect to pay $5,000 – $10,000 a month to receive quality coaching, and support in a treatment center to finally break free from binging…?

What would it be worth to you to be free of your eating disorder, and have your recovery occur completely in private?

What would it be worth to you for no one to know?

And for your entire recovery to be accomplished from the comfort of your phone or computer…

Just imagine making peace with food…forever.

And not gaining weight.

Would it be worth $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 for you to finally be free for life?

As you can clearly see by now, this is an unbelievable value at only $1,297. But for a short time I’m offering the entire program for only $997.  You’re saving $300!

And remember what you’re getting…

Unprecedented personal access to me on a daily basis in our Facebook group where my sole purpose is to answer your questions, and help you conquer whatever challenge is holding you back.

You’ll be part of a like-minded community that is there to support you and your goals, so even though you’re secretly enrolled in the program yourself, you’re not doing the program by yourself.

You’ll get to learn from me month after month, so you can model your growth and development on mine, and learn from the other people in the group as well.

You’ll also get to be part of my trusted inner circle. You’ll see me day in and day out, being vulnerable and open about my own personal challenges, and how I face them.

Normally, such a high level of personal access comes with an equally high price tag.

But because I’m wanting as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this opportunity I’m currently offering all this for the incredibly low price of only $997.

Polly Mertens - Lifestyle Success Coach

Polly’s 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee: I have so much confidence in this breakthrough program that I’m offering a money-back 60 day guarantee. If you don’t love the program and see that, by using it, you will change your life forever, simply email me within 60 days and ask for a full refund. It’s that simple.  No hard feelings and I’ll happily send back your money.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why You Won’t Get Fat

Like you, before I stopping binging I thought the way to maintain my weight was with restriction.  I wouldn’t say I was on a diet per-se, but I sure had set up some crazy restrictions and rules around what I would and wouldn’t eat.

I felt like much of the day I was ok and at fairly healthy, but boy after work I would go crazy. You see the combination of restricting myself to all the healthy foods only triggered my brain to want those forbidden foods even more.  A little to much stress or loneliness and my mind was all over the sugary favorite forbidden foods and I couldn’t stop.

I’d been trying to beat bulimia in completely the wrong way. I was using self criticism or hatred and restricting to will myself into obedience.  Control my binges by beating myself up and cutting back the next day.

Well that never worked and only kept me in the cycle of binge, feel bad, beat myself up, restrict the next day, and it all came crumbling down by the afternoon and I was face down in the bag of cookies or ice cream.  I was only making things worse.

You see I had a flawed belief that if I ate the foods I enjoyed I’d get fat.  Well, turns out that’s note the case.  Just look at “normal eaters”!  They don’t avoid the foods you binge on.  They eat them sometimes, just not all the time.

I’ll teach you how to relearn hunger and fullness, how to be more mindful when you eat and a lot of other techniques that can help you re-learn normal eating behavior.

But the underlying element that keeps the binge/purge cycle in place is a limiting belief you made up and forgot you have it.  Our work together will help you with both areas.  Replacing that belief so you get out of the crazy cycle and learning to eat without going crazy.

With these two in place you won’t have to worry about getting fat because you’ll be eating like a normal person again.  Like when you were young and energetic – you didn’t have to worry about weight when you were 3 or 4 or 5 years old.  You listened to your body and it has a natural weight balancing mechanism that will help you settle at a healthy weight effortlessly.

Benefits of Being Binge Free – What You Can Look Forward To!

Imagine going about your day without obsessive thoughts of food swimming around in your head. Imagine having the peace of mind to focus on what really matters to you and connecting with the people around you…

Imagine saying yes, easily and quickly, to social invitations and dining with friends.

What would it be like not to worry about what you’ll eat when you go out, but instead to fully enjoy the experience?

How great would it be to feel comfortable and peaceful around food?

Imagine being truly happy around those you love — without feeling hesitation, distraction, or like you’re hiding something.

Think for a moment how great it would be, to feel relaxed in mind and body, knowing every day that you no longer fear overwhelming urges, and can instead calmly enjoy your life.

Imagine all of the minutes and hours you’d get back every day…wow!

What would you do with all that time?!

Don’t even get me started about how much money you’d suddenly have available.

What could you start doing that you haven’t been able to do for a very long time…or could never do?

What would you most enjoy doing, once food was no longer “your issue”?

I’m living proof that you can live the life you dream of…a binge free life.

After decades of an eating disorder, I’ve experienced the thrilling personal freedom to try new things, and do those things I wasn’t able to do before….

And no matter what I eat, my weight remains the same. I still have a fit, healthy and energetic body.

In fact I’m in better shape and my health is way better than it was when I was abusing it with bulimia.

It’s often said that our greatest obstacles are here teach us more about ourselves and help us grow into the people we’re meant to be. With nearly fifteen years of hindsight since I left my eating disorder behind, that’s definitely been true for me. Having bulimia for twenty years, and then overcoming it, was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

And now it is available and can happen to you.

Take action now!

My Privacy Guarantee

Having been a bulimic myself, I understand your need for complete privacy… At one time, my worst nightmare was having family or friends discover my secret. This is why The Breakthrough to Binge Free program is completely private. Both before and during the program.

Here are just a few of the ways that I make sure your privacy is protected…

The Secret Facebook Community is ONLY visible to those who are selectively invited to join by ME…

MyBreakthroughTribe Secret Group

The name of the Secret Group doesn’t mention anything about eating/food.  It’s called “MyBreakthroughTribe”.

MyBreakthrough Tribe Facebook Page

Access to the videos are password protected in a private membership site and is not accessible without a special link. Only members with logins and passwords they create are able to see any of the material.

BBF Members Area Login

Email subject lines don’t mention anything that would compromise your privacy. Just in case you’re in a public place, I make sure that no emails I ever send you contain anything that would cause you concern and will only reference “MyBreakthroughTribe”.

Your credit card or paypal receipt only shows payment to me and my company.

Payment Receipt

All transactions show up on your bank statement as a payment to GetBusyThriving for My Breakthrough Program.

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